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  • Lemon Ice Tea

    Here's an uncomplicated way to a great cooler. Simply mix up Wagh Bakri Lemon Ice Tea with water and ice. It's a no-fuss drink with a refreshing lemony twist. Enriched with plenty of antioxidants and pure flavour, it is sure to get you zippy in no time.

  • Orange Ice Tea

    Add a fruity punch to a boring hour. Simply stir up Wagh Bakri Orange Ice Tea with water and ice. Its juicy flavour swirls in your mouth magically and the healthy antioxidants give you an instant rush of energy.

  • Peach Ice Tea

    Pour yourself and instant reviver. Simply stir up a glass of chilled Wagh Bakri Peach Ice Tea. Feel the flavour caress your senses with every sip. And let the antioxidants revive your spirits. Go on, indulge.

  • Cranberry Ice Tea

    Fans of cranberry are in for an icy treat. Pour yourself the antioxidant goodness of Wagh Bakri Tea infused with the sharp and sour flavours of the cranberry. Thoughtfully enriched with Vitamin C, which is loved for its zing, antioxidant nature and boost of energy. Just add water and ice to refresh your taste-buds and your day alike!