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  • International Blend Tea

    Good Morning Premium Tea is one of the Finest Blend of select tea leaves from the world's finest tea gardens.

    Assam Tea (India)

    Assam Tea is known for its body briskness, malty flavour and strong bright colour.

    Sri Lankan Tea (Srilanka)

    Sri Lankan Tea is known for its rich and mellow flavour, golden colour and pleasant natural aroma.

    Kenyan Tea (Africa)

    Kenyan Tea is sweet and gusty without being harsh and offers warming character to the blend.

  • Good Morning Premium Assam Tea Bags

    Good Morning Premium Assam Tea Blend is made from the finest tea leaves, especially handpicked from the best tea gardens. This ensures a rich tea drinking experience full of taste aroma, color, flavor and strength. The blend is also preferred by tea connoisseurs as one of the finest tea blends in the world.