Combatting Cancer with Compassion

Wagh Bakri Tea Group along with Karunakare Foundation organized comprehensive Cancer Awareness and Preliminary Check-up Programme.
Karunakare Foundation
Karunakare Foundation


  • The 'Cancer Awareness and Preliminary Check-up' camp was inaugurated by the Hon'ble Mayor of Ahmedabad, Smt. Bijalben Patel.
  • Total 939 people participated in the camps and blood samples were sent to recognized laboratory for testing. Out of these, 278 people required immediate further testing and/or medical treatment, which was given to them by Karunakare.
  • Financial Assistance: Rs. 5 Lakhs

Karunakare Foundation is established in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in the year 2004, by a cancer patient who himself had experienced the trauma of this disease. It was started with a simple idea of creating a voluntary support group with an aim to support cancer patients socially, emotionally and financially.

The very word CANCER brings fear in anyone's mind. People think that cancer is the door to death. But with developed medical science, it is not so. Early diagnosis and right treatment can cure cancer and person can live long life. It is very important to provide moral support to the patient and his family members throughout the treatment process. To raise awareness about cancer amongst the weaker section of society and to give them the facility of preliminary cancer check-up, Wagh Bakri Tea Group extended financial support to Karunakare Foundation for conducting a comprehensive 'Cancer Awareness and Screening Programme'.